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Web Host Selection Process

Tips For Web Host Selection Process with Uptime Calculator

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Uptime calculator is a tool which is designed to measure the web host performance. It is basically calculating the percentage or the time the service is up and it is operational without any problems. Downtime is just opposite to uptime which shows the percentage and time of the service is disrupted and unavailable for operation. The hosting calculator is useful to find out the exact percentage of the service up time. There are several web hosting reviews at to help you choose one that is suitable for your requirements.

Service Agreement
Make sure to enter into a service level agreement with your web hosting company. It will ensure to have a proper level of the service availability. They have to maintain the standard level of service all the times and if they are unable to maintain the uptime level as per the service level agreement, they have to refund, or they will provide hosting credits. You can use the uptime calculator to find out who your service provider has delivered their commitments.

Cost Factor
It is good to have a decent service uptime tie-up with your service provider. If you are going for a higher uptime level, then the pricing also will be higher side. You can settle for medium uptime level so that it will not affect your budget and you can work with peace of mind without thinking about the pricing. Some budget hosting companies will offer 100% uptime guarantee, but it may not be possible in reality.

Keep in mind that no service provider can guarantee 100% uptime facility for a longer period. They can able to provide you with the better services for about two months, and then the service level slowly will go down. There could be many possible reasons for the downtime, but this is what happening in the real time. There is no 100% solution for the issue as of now, and then you can continue to avail best services all the time by having a good web host with the good platform and also do regular backups to avoid any issues.

Web Host Selection Process
You can find here below some of the web hostings offers provided by the some of the service providers. You can go through the same and decide the best offer.

1. The service provider will offer 99.5% uptime guarantee. If there are unable to maintain the agreed uptime all times during one month, they will automatically credit your account for the downtime period.

2. The service provider will offer 99% uptime guarantee. It is your responsibility to find out the downtime details and to submit a report to the service provider in order to claim the amount.

3. The service provider will offer 99% uptime guarantee. If you want to receive the refund for their downtime, their downtime should be 5 hours in a continuous stretch.

4. The service provider will offer 99.999% uptime guarantee. You have to enter into an agreement to receive this uptime offer and also you have to spend huge money on charges.

5. The service provider will offer 100% uptime guarantee. If your site is down by 10 minutes, then they will refund you 25%, but this is allowed only two times in a month.