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The Belize Kriol Project has been undertaken to focus the efforts of many individual Creoles and organizations towards the overall development of Kriol into a literary language. Project members are conducting linguistic research and publishing various materials to help in this development.

It is our firm belief that knowledge about Kriol will help Belizeans achieve their language goals and promote a healthy identity.

We will try to answer several frequently asked questions about Kriol:

Listed below are several valuable Kriol language resources:

In 1997, the Project published two books: the “Bileez Kriol Glassary an Spellin Gide” and “Rabbit Play Trik pahn Hanaasi“. The “Glassary” is a listing of 4000 Kriol words giving their Kriol spelling and an equivalent word in English. “Rabbit Play Trik pahn Hanaasi” is an entertaining traditional folktale. “Kenti an ih Pa Mek wahn Doary“, published in 1999, is a childrens story that documents the steps in constructing a traditional dugout canoe. The books are presently available in many bookstores in Belize.