Belize in the Late 1900s

1954 – All Belizean adults gain the right to vote.

1960’s – The development of the United Black Association for Development (UBAD). This association tried to unite Creoles and to raise racial consciousness issues. The constitution of UBAD was patterned after its UNIA predecessor.

1964 – Administration of internal affairs was turned over to Belizeans in a system of self-government.

1973 – The name of the colony changed from British Honduras to Belize.

1981, September 21 – Belize gains independence from England.

1995 – Foundation of The National Kriol Council. Its mission is to organize the Belize Creole, lobby for a National Kriol Day, and to promote racial harmony among all the ethnic groups.

1996 – A new arm of UBAD was established, the UBAD Educational Foundation, which has worked for the education of black youth.