Belize in the Late 1800s

1850- The first sugar plantation in Belize was begun near the Sittee River. (L:117)

1857 – The first exportation of rum and sugar from Belize. (L:117)

1861 – The total population of Belize grew to 25,635. This seeming jump in population was mostly due to the immigration of refugees from Mexico’s Caste War’s. (B)

1862 – British Honduras was officially declared a British colony.

1871 – British Honduras becomes a Crown Colony of Britain.

1860′s & 1870′s – German coffee growers expanded holdings in southern Belize. The first Chinese were brought to Belize as laborers.

1867 – US Southerners settle in southern Belize. They established 12 sugar plantations, which had failed by 1910.

1879 – A group of Italians moved to the Manatee area.

1880’s – East Indians were brought from Calcutta, India to assist with sugar harvesting both in southern and northern Belize. New crops, such as cocoa, bananas, and coffee brought varied degrees of economic success. (L:118)

1894 – When the mahogany workers returned to Belize City they discovered a currency devaluation. The workers led by John Alexander Tom, a Creole, rioted. This is an early example of the Creoles uniting to gain a better lifestyle for themselves.