Belize in the Late 1600s

During this time period there was a general shift of buccaneers from pirating to logwood cutting in the northern Belize area. (B)

1655 – The British captured Jamaica from the Spanish; this led to greater numbers of settlers for the British settlements from Panama to Belize. (H:34)

1670 – In the Treaty of Madrid, England and Spain agreed to cease supporting buccaneering. Some British buccaneers continued there raids for many more years. (W:84) (H:35)

1671 to 1684 – These years saw the heights of the logwood trade. Over two hundred ships came to Campeche and to the Bay of Honduras, particularly the mouth of the Haulover Creek, taking away almost 600 tons of logwood annually. (M)

1699 – A British settlement, Black River, was founded in the area of present-day Cape Camarion, on the northern coast of Honduras. This settlement became a place of refuge from Spanish attacks in latter years, as well as an administrative center for the coast. (H: 54-55)