Belize in the Early 1800s

1790′s onward – There is evidence of problems within the slavery system, with numerous reports of escaped slaves. Reports in 1816 and 1820 describe ‘maroon’ settlements on the Sibun River, possibly in the area of Gracie Rock. (S) (B)

Research Idea: Maroons were runaway slaves. Not much is known about maroons in Belize but much is written about maroons in Jamaica. Where did runaway slaves go in Belize? How did they live?

1803 – Arrival of the first Garifuna in Belize.

1833 – England granted emancipation to all slaves in their colonies. (W:280)

1839 – A report describes how villages along the Belize River are shifting from being temporary logging camps to permanent villages. (B)

1847-1853 – Mexico’s Indian Caste War caused migration of many Mayas and Mestizos from the Yucatan into northern and western districts of Belize.