Spanish / British Activity Before 1650

The Maya people have lived in the area of present-day Belize for many hundreds of years. However, there is little evidence of any significant contact between the Maya and the forefathers of the present-day Creoles of Belize. Therefore, they are not included in this history related to the Creoles

Little definite is known about the early history of British settlement in Belize before 1650. Previous to this date we must look at activities over a wider area to understand the influences that led to the early British settlement in Belize. The Spanish were the first European nation to be active in the Western Caribbean and Central America. Numerous facts lead us to believe that the Spanish had little interest in the settlement of the Caribbean coast of Central America. Early British settlements, some of which may have been on the Belize coast, were established and maintained even in the face of Spanish attacks. The British were not the first Europeans to bring African slaves to Central America, the Spanish were bringing slaves before 1575. They also enslaved many of the native peoples of Central America.