Christmas Decorating

The following account was given by Gladys Stuart in the National Studies Journal, Vol. 1, No. 1 January, 1973:

Houses were turned inside out. Books, tools, eye glasses, and even coins that were lost for a year would be found during Christmas cleaning. Boxes, trunks, valises, and patakees were turned out, repacked with things of purely sentimental value and stored again for another year. Everything made of wood was scrubbed: floors, walls, window sills, chairs, tables, shelves, benches, even boxes used as seats. Chairs and tables would be varnished later. New curtains were hung on Christmas Eve.

For decoration flowers produced from crepe paper of the most bizarre colours could be bought. Also available were crocheted articles: doilies and runners, chair-back covers, pillow slips and spreads, even chemises. Pieces of gay, multicoloured croton were sold from doreys at the market or on Canal Side.