Kriol Culture

What is a ‘Creole’ ?

There are many answers to this question and we do not intend to present a complete definition. The following categories discuss cultural qualities that are identified as Creole. However, in the final evaluation, while an outsider might look at someone who embodies many of these characteristics and say that person is a Creole (and there are people who will say that a certain person doesn’t embody one of these qualities enough, i.e. he isn’t black enough to be a Creole), anybody who holds to some of these qualities and wants to identify as a Creole — can be a Creole.

Culture is the sum of all the things that a group of people do, believe, and value. Not everyone in the cultural group does, believes, and values all the things of everyone else in the group, but there is a shared general commonality of these features among the people. Some of the activities, beliefs, and values may have been adopted from other cultural groups, but once they are adopted by a significant portion of the cultural group, then those features are a defining part of the adopting group.