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Monthly Archives: April 2018

Different Types Of Web Hosting Services

Types Of Web Hosting Services

Are you aware of all the options present for a web hosting service? Many people think that all web hosting services are identical and do not need much time for selection. It’s time you know a little more about this field to benefit your business website. Get to know more about it on You can identify More Here as the services are explained below in the most straightforward term to help you understand the difference between web hosting types. The primary types of web hosting solutions are shared hosting, dedicated and VPS.

Shared And Dedicated Hosting
Shared and dedicated hosting are two completely different types of hosting solutions. Like you must be getting it from the name the solution it provides is somewhat similar to the title. On the other hand, a VPS solution is a mix of both of them a shared and dedicated hosting. Imagine a shared pool in a public park that is shared by many people. The reality of shared hosting is similar to that. Different websites share one same server and operate independently. It is not the best solution for sites that expect higher traffic, or else it is the best and a cost-effective solution.

Many businesses have found shared hosting to be an agreeable solution for their business. Beginners on the internet can prefer this option for a great start. Your limited experience will be well catered by this solution. Dedicated hosting is one where you have an entire dedicated server after your website. It provides you sufficient bandwidth and speed. Accordingly, the cost is also high in this case as you get full privacy and security. The pace is excellent for websites operating with dedicated hosting. It is a reasonably good option for e-commerce websites.

We frequently see that during a sale the webpage of an e-commerce website crashes due to excessive traffic. Well, it will not happen if the business has a dedicated hosting solution that will help deal with the spike in traffic. It is preferred by more prominent firms. Visitors on your website face negligible to only a few issues occasionally. It will provide a great interface to the visitors which will increase the conversion rate significantly. The attention span of internet users has decreased to barely a few seconds only. If they feel caught up on your website, they will immediately close it and switch to some other site.

Hence speed matters a lot, but the budget can be an issue too for some businesses that are where VPS solution comes in the picture. It is a middle ground between a shared solution and dedicated hosting solution. Here one server is partitioned into several other virtual networks. It allows you cost saving while enjoying great speed for surfing on your business website. You also get great freedom from it. However, the skills required to operate it would also be more than what is needed for a shared network. Advanced users who already have some experience in this field can go for VPS without giving it a second thought as it is a great solution.